Access HCMI Data

Genomic Data Commons (GDC)

Model-associated biospecimen, molecular characterization, and clinical datasets generated by NCI-supported Cancer Model Development Centers and some HCMI consortium members are quality-checked by Biospecimen Processing Center, Genomic Characterization Center, and Clinical Data Center. Then, data are harmonized and stored at NCI's GDC. Data are updated as they become available and can be accessed through GDC data portal. The GDC data portal provides users with web-based access to model-associated open- and controlled-access data.

Open-access data presents minimal risk that a participant can be identified, and includes de-identified clinical information, biospecimen data, and tumor- and model-associated somatic mutations. Access to open-access data does not require data use certification. Controlled-access data contains genomic sequence information that could identify the patient, and access requires Data Use Certification through dbGaP. To access controlled data, users must submit a Data Access Request through the dbGaP.

If HCMI models and associated data are used, we suggest acknowledging HCMI as follows:

"We used models and data derived by the Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI); dbGaP accession number phs001486.” 

HCMI Searchable Catalog

The HCMI Searchable Catalog is a continuously updated resource for querying the next-generation models developed by HCMI. Within the Catalog, users can search available models by patient demographics, tumor, and model elements including age at diagnosis, sex, treatment information, clinical tumor diagnosis, primary site, clinical stage, and type of model (e.g. 3D-organoid, 2D-conditionally reprogrammed cells), etc. Each model page within the Catalog provides a link to corresponding data at the GDC, when available.

Last updated: December 23, 2019