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Cell Systems

Protein complexes are assemblies of subunits that have co-evolved to execute one or many coordinated functions in the cellular environment. Functional annotation of mammalian protein complexes is critical to understanding biological processes, as well as disease mechanisms. Here, we used genetic...

Nature Communications

T- and NK-cell lymphomas (TCL) are a heterogenous group of lymphoid malignancies with poor prognosis. In contrast to B-cell and myeloid malignancies, there are few preclinical models of TCLs, which has hampered the development of effective therapeutics. Here we establish and characterize...


Issue 18, April, 2018

CTD² Program Highlight

Andrew J. Ewald, Ph.D. and Joel S. Bader, Ph.D.
Andrew J. Ewald, Ph.D. and Joel S. Bader, Ph.D.
Last updated: May 15, 2013