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Overview of metabolically heterogeneous cellular subtypes in collective invasion and proposed co-targeting approach.
Nature Communications

Phenotypic heterogeneity exists within collectively invading packs of tumor cells, suggesting that cellular subtypes cooperate to drive invasion and metastasis. Here, we take a chemical biology approach to probe cell:cell cooperation within the collective invasion pack. These data reveal...

Prostate Cancer Stage IIIA
Translational Oncology

In our previous study, we observed that androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) may induce a compensatory increase in MAPK or JNK signaling. Here, we tested the effects of the MEK inhibitors PD0325901 and GSK1120212, ERK1/2 inhibitor GDC-0994, and the JNK inhibitor AS602801 alone and in combination...

Last updated: March 30, 2020