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Cancer Cell.

Checkpoint inhibition immunotherapy has revolutionized cancer treatment, but many patients show resistance. Here we perform integrative transcriptomic and proteomic analyses on emerging immuno-oncology targets across multiple clinical cohorts of melanoma under anti-PD-1 treatment, on both bulk...

Br J Haematol.

Drug resistance in chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) may occur via mutations in the causative BCR::ABL1 fusion or BCR::ABL1-independent mechanisms. We analysed 48 patients with BCR::ABL1-independent resistance for the presence of secondary fusion genes by RNA sequencing. We identified 10 of the...


Issue 25, February, 2021

HCMI Program Highlights

HCMI organoid banner image
Eva Tonsing-Carter, Ph.D. and Cindy Kyi, Ph.D.
Last updated: November 08, 2022