Included here is a list of publications from OCG programs. All published data are available to the research community through the program-specific data matrices.

* denotes publications from the CTD2 initiative that are results of intra-Network collaborations


July 01, 2018
Nature Genetics

Integration of comprehensive molecular characterization and functional genomic studies identifies paralog gene dependencies induced by somatic mutations. Paralog pair, MAGOH and MAGOHB, identified as members of the exon-junction complex was shared between the shRNA and CRISPR datasets.

June 28, 2018
Cell Stem Cell

Natural killer cells derived from human-induced pluripotent stem cells are effective against ovarian cancer in a mouse xenograft model and may provide an off-the-shelf resource for anti-cancer immunotherapy.

June 25, 2018
Nature Chemical Biology

UCSF (1) CTD2 scientists developed a quantitative chemoproteomics approach that combines kinase affinity capture with quantitative mass spectrometry. This technique could be used for developing effective combinatorial therapies.

June 18, 2018
Nature Genetics

CTD2 sceintists at Columbia University developed a new precision oncology approach, OncoTreat. This approach enables the systematic prioritization of compounds targeting tumor checkpoint dependencies in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.

June 07, 2018

Authors identified transcription factor activating protein 4 (TFAP4) as a critical effector of MYCN amplification in neuroblastoma and showed that silencing TFAP4 inhibits MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma cell growth.