Case Report Forms (CRFs)

Human Cancer Models Initiative's cancer type-specific CRFs have been developed through collaborations with international clinical experts and the clinical data elements have been standardized through the Cancer Data Standards Registry and Repository (caDSR). Enrollment and Follow-up CRFs are available below for download. The Enrollment CRF data are collected at the time of patient index date, which includes initial pathologic diagnosis, sample procurement, or first patient visit. The Follow-up CRF data are collected at least 3 months after enrollment data collection following model establishment.As the tumor types modeled through the HCMI are constantly updated, be sure to check back regularly for additional or updated CRFs. Note: In some cases, it is possible to collect tissues from different tumor sites (e.g. primary, metastatic, and/or recurrent) from the same patient for model development. New CRFs capture information about multiple models developed from the same patient within a single form. The multiple model CRFs are designated with "-multi" within the file name. Versioning is used if there are any subsequent edits to the CRFs. 

Last updated: June 24, 2022