NGT: Next-Generation Technologies for Next-Generation Cancer Models

Next-Generation Technologies (NGT) Program supports the development of technology tools that will facilitate, accelerate, and/or enhance research using advanced human-derived next-generation cancer models such as organoids, conditionally reprogrammed cells, and others. The technology tools will focus on utilizing next-generation cancer models from the Human Cancer Models Initiative.

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News & Publications

February, 2021

The Next-generation Technologies for Next-generation Cancer Models Program (NGT; RFA-CA-19-055) supports the development of technologies and tools that will facilitate...

August, 2020

As a basic cancer researcher, I am interested in ways to expand the capacities of researchers to explore new pathways and treatment options that can lead to acceleration of personalized treatments at the bedside. During my last year of postdoctoral training, I realized I wanted to transition to...

December, 2019

Cancer is a global disease that calls for scientists and clinicians from around the world to join forces to advance their collective efforts. Advances in genomic studies such as high-throughput sequencing has made it possible to characterize genomes from many cancer types and learn about the...

August, 2019

My name is Lauren Hurd and I am a Scientific Program Manager for the Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI) within the Office of Cancer Genomics (OCG). National Cancer Institute (NCI), together with other consortium members, co-...

March, 2019

I joined the Office of Cancer Genomics (OCG) as a fellow through NCI's Health Communications Internship Program (HCIP) after graduating with a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the University of Missouri, Columbia. As a graduate student, I studied the plasticity of neurons in major pelvic...

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