Experimental Methods for HIV+ Tumor Molecular Characterization Project

On this page researchers can find detailed information describing how CGCI data was generated by genomic platform, including protocols for establishing high-quality nucleic acid samples.

CGCI Sample Naming 

CGCI samples are named using a coding system specific to OCG characterization programs. Please use the OCG Sample Codes document to properly discern the metadata reiterated within the sample name. PDF iconOCG-Project-Codes_Tissues-and-Samples_03-02-2021.pdf

CGCI project teams use high-quality RNA and DNA from case-matched tumor and normal tissues to generate comprehensive genomics data. See the Sample Preparation Protocols below for details.

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Icon for Cervical Cancer Project CaCx = Cervical Cancer

Column One Sample Preparation Protocols
DNA/RNA Extraction with AllPrep and mirVana Isolation Kits, DNA extraction with QIAmp DNA Blood Mini Kit Icon for HTMCP- Cervical Cancer ProjectCaCx
Sample Preparation Protocols

To request more information or approval regarding the following protocols, please contact labqa@bcgsc.ca

DNA/RNA Extraction with AllPrep and mirVana Isolation Kits

QIAcube Automated Extraction of DNA using the QIAamp DNA Blood Mini Kit

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Last updated: July 06, 2021