CTD²: Cancer Target Discovery and Development

CTD2 bridges the gap between the enormous volumes of data generated by genomic characterization studies and the ability to use these data for the development of human cancer therapeutics. It specializes in computational and functional genomics approaches critical for translating next-generation sequencing data, as well as high-throughput and high content small molecule and genetic screens.

Cancer Target Discovery and Development

News & Publications

Image courtesy of Jancík S et al, J. Biomed. Biotechnol. 2010
September 28, 2016

The common participation of oncogenic KRAS proteins in many of the most lethal human cancers, together with the ease of detecting somatic KRAS mutant alleles in patient samples, has spurred persistent and intensive efforts to develop drugs that inhibit KRAS activity. However, advances have been...

DNA molecule methylated at the two center cytosines
September 26, 2016

Epigenetic targets are exciting new avenues for cancer drug discovery. Zhang and colleagues have designed the open-source EZH2 inhibitor JQEZ5 and shown antitumor efficacy in vitro and in vivo in preclinical studies in murine and human lung adenocarcinoma models expressing high levels of EZH2....

High-throughput screening robots
September 17, 2016

MDM2 and XIAP are mutually regulated. Binding of MDM2 RING protein to the IRES region on XIAP mRNA results in MDM2 protein stabilization and enhanced XIAP translation. In this study, we developed a protein-RNA fluorescence polarization (FP) assay for high-throughput screening (HTS) of chemical...

Image by the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment; used under a Creative Commons license.  
August 01, 2016

The Cancer Target Discovery and Development (CTD^2) Network was established to accelerate the transformation of "Big Data" into novel pharmacological targets, lead compounds, and biomarkers for rapid translation into improved patient outcomes. It rapidly became clear in this collaborative...

Cancer Target Discovery and Development Logo
July 18, 2016

NCI's Office of Cancer Genomics has released a new Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). This FOA will continue to support the program "Cancer Target Discovery and Development” (CTD^2, pronounced cee-tee-dee-squared).  CTD^2 is focused on efforts that advance cancer research by bridging the...

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