HCMI Publication Guidelines

The Human Cancer Model Initiative (HCMI) is a "community resource" supported by the National Cancer Institute's Office of Cancer Genomics (OCG). HCMI consortium members release models and associated clinical and molecular characterization data to the broader research community.

The initiative members plan to publish a joint comprehensive manuscript when the number of models released reaches a critical number. We, therefore, request that investigators do not publish a manuscript using a large cohort of HCMI models and data before the paper is published. Use and publication of up to five models is acceptable. 

OCG requests that authors who use HCMI models and associated data acknowledge HCMI in their work with the following: 

"The models and data were derived by the Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI) https://ocg.cancer.gov/programs/HCMI. dbGaP accession number is phs001486." 

For questions, please email ocg@mail.nih.gov


Last updated: September 23, 2019