HCMI Publication Guidelines

Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI) is a community resource project. Models with associated molecular characterization and clinical data are available to the public in a manner that protects patients’ privacy.

Use of HCMI Data for Research Purposes other than Publication

If data are used within the Data Use Limitations, there are no restrictions on the use of HCMI data for legitimate research purposes not involving publication or public presentation. For example, researchers may use HCMI data in research grant applications at any time with appropriate acknowledgement (see below).

HCMI Program Attribution in Publications and Presentations

OCG requests that authors who use data from HCMI acknowledge the appropriate subproject team(s) in their work by referencing HCMI. Similarly, OCG requests that journal editors and reviewers attempt to ascertain if HCMI is cited and if appropriate acknowledgements are made.

For questions, please contact the HCMI Publications Committee through OCG by emailing ocg@mail.nih.gov

Last updated: January 09, 2019