Human Cancer Models Initiative Case Report Forms (CRFs)

In an effort to advance cancer research and more fully understand how in vitro findings are related to clinical biology, HCMI next-generation cancer models are associated with clinical data. Clinical Data Working Groups, composed of clinical experts from the HCMI member states, have contributed to the composition of the CRFs used to collect HCMI clinical data. Enrollment and Follow-up CRFs that have been developed are available below for download. As the tumor types modeled through the HCMI are constantly updated, be sure to check back regularly for additional CRFs.

Enrollment CRFs
Follow-up CRFs

Informed Consent Template for Model Development and Distribution

Characteristics of Successful Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Center for Cancer Genomics

The Center for Cancer Genomics (CCG) was established to unify the National Cancer Institute's activities in cancer genomics, with the goal of advancing genomics research and translating findings into the clinic to improve the precise diagnosis and treatment of cancers. In addition to promoting genomic sequencing approaches, CCG aims to accelerate structural, functional and computational research to explore cancer mechanisms, discover new cancer targets, and develop new therapeutics. The Office of Cancer Genomics and The Cancer Genome Atlas Program Office are the CCG member offices that work to achieve the center’s mission.

National Cancer Institute

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