OCG Templates and Protocols

The OCG Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs) and templates are guidelines for investigators participating in OCG programs such as CGCI's Burkitt Lymphoma Genome Sequencing Project (BLGSP), and HIV+ Tumor Molecular Characterization Project (HTMCP), the Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI), and Therapeutically Applicable Research To Generate Effective Treatments (TARGET). Investigators must follow the protocols in the SOPs when contributing samples and data. The sample and data acquisition process is explained in comprehensive detail to ensure that all materials and data will be of sufficient quality. Depending on the role in the acquisition process, only a certain number of protocols may apply to a particular investigator. Should you require any clarification, please contact the appropriate OCG personnel listed in the SOP.

Burkitt Lymphoma Genome Sequencing Project (BLGSP) SOP Manual

Characteristics of Successful SOPs

HIV+ Tumor Molecular Characterization Project (HTMCP) SOP Manual

Informed Consent Template

TARGET Project Experimental Methods

On this page researchers can find detailed information describing how TARGET data was generated by genomic platform, including protocols for establishing high-quality nucleic acid samples.